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Letter from crew member: Officers can get away with what they want while the crew can’t have social life and get warning just for breathing air

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MSC Cruises crew member has sent a letter to Crew Center voicing his concerns about how the company’s health and safety rules are followed by the crew and the high-ranking officers. The crew member states that while the crew are the ones who are following the rules under tremendous pressure, people who need to lead by example have privileges due to their high-ranking positions.

MSC will adjust ships routes in the Eastern Mediterranean to reduce the risk of collision with sperm whales

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MSC will adjust the routes of its cargo and cruise ships in the Eastern Mediterranean to avoid collision with the sperm whales, which are in danger of extinction in this part of the world. The MSC Group, one of the main maritime transport and logistics operators, will modify its itineraries on the west coast of Greece to reduce the risk of collision with these endangered species.

Anvisa Recommends Suspension of the Brazilian Cruise Season

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Brazilan cruise season could be canceled for the five cruise ships currently anchored off the coast of Santos, after the Health Regulatory Agency – Anvisa, recommended suspension of the 2021/2022 season due to the rapid rise of COVID cases aboard the ships and in the country. Several media outlets in Brazil report that Anvisa sent a document to the Ministry of Health which will have the final word about the faith of the season.

Bahamian Authorities reject MSC Seashore to dock on the private island Ocean Cay

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The year is coming to an infamous end, with the even more contagious Omicron variant that recently contributed to increased numbers worldwide. Not a good sign for the cruise industry, that had been hit hard for these past two years and now another year coming with so many positive cases and chaos to start with.

Three MSC Cruise Ships Will Anchor Off Copacabana Beach For The New Year's Eve

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All three MSC cruise ships sailing in Brazil for the 2021/22 season will be anchored off Copacabana beach on New Year's Eve for Rio de Janeiro's spectacular fireworks. MSC Preziosa, MSC Seaside and MSC Splendida will be anchored off the coast of Rio to experience the amazing New Year’s Reveillon celebration and world famous fireworks.