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Tragedy Aboard MSC Cruise Ship - Man Passes Away After Marriage Proposal

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A romantic cruise turned into a heartbreaking tragedy for Silvio Maisti and his loved ones. Silvio, age 35, who had planned a beautiful marriage proposal for his partner Valentina during their Mediterranean cruise, tragically passed away the day after the proposal. Silvio had put a lot of thought and love into the proposal, which took place at the ship’s theatre in front of their one-year-old son, family, and hundreds of other guests on board. The sudden loss of Silvio has left Valentina, their son, and the entire community in deep shock and sadness.

Silvio was on the cruise with his partner Valentina, their son Edoardo, and close family when he fell ill on the early morning on April 30. His partner asked for help from their neighbors and the crew.

Despite immediate calls for help and emergency services being summoned, Silvio's heart couldn't endure and resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful. The tragedy occurred as the MSC Cruises ship was returning to the port of Civitavecchia.

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Silvio's father-in-law, Carlo, who was also on the same ship, shared that the ship’s officers immediately notified the authorities, however, Italian forces of order only boarded the ship at 2:30 pm after the ship arrived at the port, despite immediate calls for help. 

"I want to remember you like this... I have always considered you as a brother, it seems impossible to believe that destiny has cut short your young life. Watch over your family and especially your little prince. You have left immense pain. I will always carry you in my heart Silvié," said Silvio's friend Antonella Carrarini.

Local newspapers shared a video of the touching moment when Silvio proposed to Valentina, which has touched the hearts of many.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Valentina, Edoardo, and all of Silvio's loved ones during this difficult time.