Staff Member is Suing Royal Caribbean for $1 Million

Sep 13, 2016

Former staff member working as a musician on Royal Caribbean is suing the cruise line for negligence led to an unsafe work environment aboard, that caused injuries to the plaintiff. SE Texas Record reports that the victim, Gerald Dahir of Harbor City, California, filed a lawsuit in Galveston Southern District Court against Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., for violation of the Jones Act. 

He says that on September 13, 2015, while in his cabin he sustained injuries when his bunk bed gave way and broke on the floor. According to the suit, Gerald suffered serious injuries to his right leg and right knee. The musician says that the cost of his injuries could reach more than one million dollars. His attorney says that Royal Caribbean breached its duty to protect its crew members, failed to hire competent master and/or crew, failed to provide a seaworthy vessel, failed to properly secure the bunk bed, and failed and/or refused to provide maintenance and cure.