Princess Cruises Employee of the Month Award “Consummate Host”

Oct 01, 2019

At Princess Cruises Line from the Bar Department, I was nominated 3 times for Consummate Host of the Month award. 

The first time I got it was in 2105 at the Pacific Princess during World Cruise. I never thought I would be doing such good work and that my work would be so noticed after only two months into the 6 months contract.  This was the smallest ship of Princess with total crew of 375 and passengers around 800. You have to work harder and a bit more because there are only about 20 people working in the bar. A common problem is a lack of bartenders because a lot of people refuse to work on small ships. The salaries are smaller, there is more work and the food is much worst. Those are the negative sides of bar positions. The good thing about the 3.5 month-long World Cruise is that the shifts are shorter and you have more time to rest. I remember this particular cruise where I worked really hard but I also earned a lot of money. I received a lot of positive feedback and comments from the passengers, 21 positive comments for a 16-day cruise. It was easy to serve wonderful guests. I received the Employee of the month award named “Consummate Host” on that cruise because I made more money than any other of bar waiters’ colleges so of the 375 Crew members I got this reward for the month of February. I took a photo with the Captain and all the Hotel managers.

Employee of the Month Award Consummate Host photo with the captain

 I also got a nice reward; 500$, a dinner for two in one of the Lux restaurants which costs usually 25 Dollars, two excursions of my choice, an internet card which is really important on a ship, and one of my favorite things – a DVD recording about the route we were taking and a detailed video about every city and excursion.

Princess Cruises Consummate Host Award

During the contract on Island Princess middle-class ships, there were around 1000 crew I was getting between 20 and 30 Comment Cards. The Bar manager Janice from England loved that. She arranged dinner for two as a reward. Of course, I took my roommate and we went to the Steak House to have an amazing dinner. We would have Filet Mignon, drink cocktails and enjoy the sound of the piano that was being played there. I was nominated twice for the Consummate Host of the month but I received two different awards – Recognized Team Played in February and Honorable mention in May. I received from Bar manager an amazing recommendation letter where she wrote great things about my work and me.

Tamara Vukovic Princess Cruises employee of the month

The letter had a signature from the Hotel director and it meant a lot for my future work and advancement opportunities. 

This way I am thanking all of the wonderful people that saw my potential and to great passengers that saw my professional skills in Top of performance.