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Priest Charged With Sexual Abuse of Massage Therapist on Carnival Fantasy

With the rise of social media, so is the rise in accountability for people in general. The statements “what happens on ship, stays on ship” no longer applies as both guests and crew members rise and support to speak up against unacceptable practices. More and more news are coming as related to criminal misconducts that occur on cruise ships. The importance of conveying such news is to raise awareness within the crew community as related to appropriate and inappropriate conduct and behaviors, as well as the things that crew members can do to assure their safety, promote healthy and positive work/life environment and return home to their loved ones the same way they left them. 

We already covered one incident this month related to sexual abuse on board a cruise ship although we are aware that the incidents of sexual abuse and harassment are probably higher than those reported for both genders. What happens on board a cruise ship does not stay on a cruise ship and does not swim with the fishes. It eventually is brought on shore and sometimes in handcuffs and legal ramifications.

Such is the case of Amal Samy who currently is facing sexual abuse charges after a complaint was made while on board Carnival Cruise Lines Fantasy, related to an incident that occurred on August 21st. According to court records, the 37-year-old Amal Samy was sexually harassing and abusing a massage technician while she was attempting to perform her duties at work. Reportedly, Amal Samy continuously harassed the technician to touch his genitalia, exposed himself several times by removing the covering sheets, and demanded for the technician to perform sexual acts. Furthermore, the court documents display that Amal Samy kept touching his genitalia during the massage session. The victim of this incident reported that the advances were unwelcomed and reported them to management and the authorities. Amal Samy was interviewed by the FBI and denied the allegations. Presently he is facing charges of sexual abuse and pending federal court hearing on November 13th. 

As the news unraveled on this incident and receiving more public notice, more information was discovered related to the alleged offender in this incident Amal Samy. The 37-year-old is a Pastor at the St. Peter the Apostle Church in Chastang near Mt. Vernon. Upon investigation by the FBI, Amal informs them that he was naked under the sheets, but continued to deny the remaining of the allegations made against him. The NBC 15 news reporter attempted to interview Amal related to the incident, but was informed that “you need to get off the property. You need to leave.” According to the news report written by Rachel Wilkerson for the NBC 15 on November 8th, the church members were aware why the reporter was at the premises, but declined any further encounter. Amal has not been responsive to the news media related to the allegations against him yet.

Pastor Amal Samy was appointed Parochial Administrator for the Church in June 2018. Seven weeks upon the allegations emerge on October 13th he is named Pastor by Archbishop Thomas Rodi. It appears that the archbishop was not made aware of the allegations at the time of making the decision to name Amal a pastor, but was informed — unclear related to the source — sometime at the beginning of November. No additional measures will be taken at this time by the church administration and informed news media that at this time they will not comment any further on any legal matter.