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Norwegian Cruise Line Ends COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement for New Hires

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Norwegian Cruise Line is ending the vaccination requirements for new hires. Starting May 29, 2024, Norwegian Cruise Line is canceling the requirement for mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for all newly hired and returning crew members. The news was announced by the global recruiting agency Kouzon Corporation, which partners with all major cruise lines, including NCLH brands.

“Many of you undoubtedly eagerly waited for this news. As of May 29, Norwegian Cruise Line announced the cancellation of the requirement for mandatory vaccination with COVID-19 for all newly hired crew members. This information is essential for all of you who were willing to start a career on this company's ships, but this vaccination requirement was an obstacle to realizing that intention. We will immediately invite you to an online interview with our colleagues and, of course, offer you employment options. The requirement for vaccination is ABOLISHED, but the recommendation to be vaccinated remains,” Kouzon Corporation announced.

NCL is not the first cruise line to make such adjustments. Other major players in the industry have also revised their vaccination policies over the past year:

•    Royal Caribbean Group announced that it will welcome all new crew, regardless of vaccination status, beginning March 2024.
•    Princess Cruises announced the cancellation of the requirement for vaccination with COVID-19 for all newly hired crew members back on July 1, 2023.
•    Carnival Cruise Line ended its vaccination mandate for new hires in February 2024.

For cruise lines, this shift is expected to simplify hiring processes and broaden the pool of potential employees. For prospective crew members, the end of vaccination mandates opens new opportunities. Many individuals who were previously unable or unwilling to comply with vaccination requirements can now pursue careers in the cruise industry.

Despite the removal of vaccination requirements, cruise lines, including NCL, continue to recommend vaccination as a precautionary measure. This aligns with general public health advice to maintain immunity levels and protect against potential future outbreaks.

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