MSC Preziosa: 2 crew members test positive for Covid-19

May 01, 2020

Several crew members have contacted Crew Center saying that two of their fellow crew members tested positive for COVID-19 on the cruise ship MSC Preziosa. A crew member has send us two recordings of the announcement made on the PA system, the first on April 30 announcing that one crew member tested positive for COVID-19, and the second announcement made today saying that the test results are completed and one more crew member also tested positive for the virus. The announcement says that the crew will continue to be isolated until swab tests are completed for everybody.

Many of the crew are in disbelief because MSC Preziosa was in quarantine for such a long period of time and no one has embarked the ship since March 23.

“All crew members did not leave the ship since 18 March, and 29 of them went to the airport of Barbados on 23 March, and came back on board and they was isolated 14 days and they all ok till now no one was sick, since 11 April all crew members are isolated in guest cabin so 20 days in isolation still no solution they finish today to do the rapid test for corona and they say there are two cases which are not negative and they need to start to do the swap test next week to all crew and keep all isolation one month this never happen in the word everywhere in the word isolation is 14 days we are 20 days already from where we have corona on board everybody know that two cases is not corona only flu and they are sick these days not before everybody is on the ship no going out and after more than one month we have corona this impossible they wont to save money and food when they keep the crew in isolation.” says one crew member on board MSC Preziosa.