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MSC Cruises Strengthens Brand's Presence On TikTok

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After celebrating the first 100K followers on Instagram, MSC Cruises continues to focus on social media marketing and has also strengthened its presence on TikTok. The Company has identified a new way to continue pursuing its growth strategy on TikTok in terms of brand awareness, while continuing on traditional channels, but also accompanies new communication channels such as the rapidly growing social media platform.

The official MSC Cruises channel on Tik Tok will focus on storytelling from different perspectives: from new destinations to on-board services, from the Spa to the new ships, from services for families to entertainment for kids up to gourmet dishes designed for guests, directly explaining everything that c 's to know about MSC cruises.

The management of the channel is entrusted to Andrea Guanci, Marketing Director of MSC Cruises, and his team with a holistic approach that ranges from the narration of on-board services, to the exploration of current trends, up to the collaboration with a selected roster of influencers, all to give even more prominence to the peculiarities of the MSC experience. The Company is supported by the Uasabi agency which will support TikTok in the daily planning and development of digital content.

“The narrative we have chosen for TikTok is different from what is already used in other social media. In line with the platform, we are moving towards real Infotainment: informing our consumers about the beauties of the MSC world in a fun and engaging way. TikTok therefore becomes an effective tool for involving users in a creative way with a slightly less glossy, but certainly more authentic style which, through emotions, actions and sounds, brings cruise passengers and, above all, those who have never boarded one of our ship, to discover the MSC product. The editorial plan will therefore tell the story of the MSC world through various points of view (ship environments, destinations, life on board and much more) but with a single perspective: that of our consumer", said Andrea Guanci, marketing director of MSC Cruises.

“The first numbers seem to confirm that we are right: during the weekend alone, the channel had a dizzying growth, gaining 12,000 followers with over 2 million views in just a few hours. And our target is not only Generation Z, but through this content strategy we intend to involve users of all ages, who are increasingly using TikTok as an alternative entertainment channel to more traditional means,” Gunci added.