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Medical Emergency: Carnival Liberty Returns to Galveston

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Carnival Liberty returned to its homeport Galveston, Texas just hours after the cruise ship departed on Monday. The medical emergency alarm was sounded for a three-year-old girl who slipped through the stairs rail and fell two decks. The incident happened on deck 14 when the family was posing for a pictures by the rail when their toddler fell two decks bellow. The girl was quickly transferred to the ship medical center for assessment, and due to seriousness of the injury the decision was made by the ships doctor for emergency treatment on land. According to Emergency Medical Services the girl suffered head injuries and possible broken jaw. Upon return to Galveston the girl was transferred to the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston for treatment.

The Carnival Liberty has returned to its scheduled voyage and will adjust the arrival and departure times to the scheduled ports accordingly.