Letter from a crew member stranded on cruise ship “We don't live, we survive”

May 21, 2020

With each day passing by the mental health of the crew still stranded on the cruise ships is deteriorating. One crew member stranded on the cruise ship has sent Crew Center the following letter saying “We don't live, we survive” and asks the government to return home. “I stay in my cabin every day I cry while praying and the walls come to me. A wall as long as it is high, it represents the height of patience that we have to wait.” sid the crew member.

I am a Mauritian crew member who has just moved to the cruise ship MSC Divina. It's really crazy. I will clarify that I was transferred from MSC Armonia. The captain, Mr. Hassen was the best of the best. Respect for each other. Even when he gives the order to speak in public address with pleasure to listen to him and always leave us a beautiful song.

At Armonia, we were entertained by the captain. Sports day, pizza day, free drink on under control. Here we have to pay for coffee. Every dollar counts for us, thank you Mr. Hassen. When he gives instructions, we want to follow. Remember that, in all functions, the social distance and the mask have been respected.

Here some superior people do not wear mask. The worst is the way that the security speaks to us loud and rude. We know we have to wear a mask and follow all the instructions. At all times, we must have a good way of talking to people not like security here. We are human beings. At Divina, even Captain Corrado was asked to follow the safety rule. But we need to have a good way to talk to each other. No respect. I'm fed up here.

 At the buffet, we got a ticket for a drink. And there is no control. We have different colors of bracelets for different periods time for meals. Still no control too. It does not work at all. Sometimes we can wait 1 hour. Wait in line for a drink, wait in line for food, wait in line to for meals. Sometimes you don't know what to do. Which one will you go first? 

There is too much pressure even if we don't have a guest and we are not working. I wish to stay on Armonia rather than come here. Captain Hassen pull the sirene for us because we were the last tender and made me feel moved and let a tears slid on my cheek. If you have a moral problem. He talks to you like a friend. 

At Divina, the internet is very, very slow and most time no connection for 5 to 6 times per day. They refuse to increase the speed to satisfy us. So if we buy. It works correctly even if it is not fast the connection is not interrupted I can barely get in touch with my lovely mom to cheer up. Cause they control Facebook, Viber, Whatsapps, Skype. No video call, no picture send, and no video sent. I cannot see my family. They don't improve as quickly because of a lot of crew as they can.  I think some of us have purchased an Internet plan and we are not paid.

At the crew store, some things are more expensive than Armonia and not enough time. In one color by time can be 50 to 100 crews. And then the shop keeper shout:-'next color, sorry for those who are late' -they don't care at all and after wait for 35 to 50 minutes. Some complain that they came 3 times. 

We were all in harmony on board MSC Armonia with Capt Hassen. Here, only go out for dinner. Once for lunch. And I stay in my cabin every day I cry while praying and the walls come to me, to us. A wall as long as it is high, it represents the height of patience that we have to wait.

We had a dirty cabin, poor service, no respect, a cabin forgot to replace the water, no buffet, no drink control, no proper internet, no technical service, they hang phone in your face, no assistance, no help, some people are rude, no nothing !!!

I'm fed up, fed up, and fed up! 

Dear Prime Minister of Mauritius, Mr. Pravin Jagnuth, please I beg you. Take us home safely faster than you can! We don't live, we survive!