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Essential Career Tips for Life at Sea

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Working while traveling is a common selling point for considering a career on a cruise ship. However, the promise of adventure while earning a living entails a unique and challenging lifestyle aboard the cruise ship. Long hours of hard work, no days off for a 6-8 month contract, and erratic sleeping patterns are a few challenges one must fully accept before embarking.

To make the most of your time while working on a cruise ship and enjoy the experience, consider the following:

Prepare Mentally:

Preparing mentally is one of the essential tools for surviving a contract on the ship. It will help you cope with and manage stress and also maintain resilience. Set expectations and goals, and gather all information and knowledge related to the challenges that you will face. Understanding the situation better can reduce uncertainty and anxiety.

Have a Proper Mindset:

Maintain a positive attitude, even during difficult and stressful moments. There will be many times when work can be overwhelming and frustrating. A positive outlook can help you overcome difficulties and improve your overall experience.

Embrace Diversity:

Cruise ships are among the most culturally diverse workplaces. An estimated 50-plus nationalities of crew members are on board, and working with people from different backgrounds and cultures can be challenging. Different communication styles, norms, and cues may vary across cultures. By embracing diversity, you'll create a more harmonious working environment among fellow crew members where everyone can feel respected and valued.

Balance Work and Leisure:

Many crew members struggle to maintain a work-life balance due to work demands. While most would opt for rest and sleep in their free time, it is essential to find time to relax and enjoy leisure activities on board or at ports. Most cruise ships often have amenities like gyms, pools, and entertainment options for crew members. Also, crew members are offered shore excursions and tours in some ports of call. Take advantage of these perks during your downtime.

Build Global Friendships:

One of the highlights of working on a cruise ship is having friends from all over the world, treating each other as family and creating a bond like no other. You will spend most of your time on board with these people, sharing the highs and lows, especially during important events, such as birthdays and special occasions, knowing each one is away from home and loved ones. Building solid relationships with fellow crew members can provide emotional support and make work more enjoyable.

Prioritize Your Health:

Everyone who works on a cruise ship understands how tiring the job can be, how limited free time is, and how difficult it can be to stay healthy. However, making a conscious effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle on board is still possible. Be aware of what you eat, find time to exercise, and get enough sleep. Proper rest can be one of the main challenges since you will be sharing cabins with another crew member, especially when you have different working schedules. Ensure you get the rest you need to function and stay focused at work.

Document Your Experience:

Take many photos and videos, start writing a journal, or even create a blog/vlog to document your experiences and adventures while working on the cruise ship. It can be a great way to reflect on your time and share it with others.

Enjoy the Experience:

Working on a cruise ship offers the opportunity to travel and meet people from different backgrounds while earning a living. Though it can be challenging, it can also be a fulfilling experience. Make the most of your time on board and create lasting memories.

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