Cruise Lines Cancel Stops in Barcelona Over Mass Protests

Oct 18, 2019

Several cruise lines have canceled port stops in Barcelona due to the protests and unrests in the capital of Catalonia. The situation in Barcelona is tense and is getting more and more restless after harsh prison sentences handed to the pro-independence leaders by the Spain’s Supreme Court. Since the beginning of the protests are 97 people arrested, as confirmed by the Ministry of Interior and 57 people who have been injured in Barcelona.

The German cruise operator TUI Cruises has canceled the arrivals of two of its cruise ships that were scheduled to arrive in Barcelona this weekend. The cruise ship Mein Schiff 3 was scheduled to arrive in Barcelona on Sunday and to stay overnight in the port and Mein Schiff 4 was scheduled for Saturday. Both cruise ships are rerouted and will spend a day in Ibiza the company said.

With two cruise ships berthed in the Port of Barcelona today (Bellissima and Preziosa) MSC Cruises announced in a statement that they have canceled all their excursions in and around Barcelona due to demonstrations this Friday in the city to guarantee the safety of passengers, excursion staff and shore partners.

In addition, MSC Cruises recommendations to the passengers are to remain on the ship. In case they decide to go to the city, they are advised to avoid the areas where the protests are held. MSC has provided a regular transport service between the ship and the port exit and has indicated that ground operations "continue to function normally and with the usual schedules".The company said that they are in contact with the local authorities, following their safety advice.

"The safety of our passengers and our crew is our number one priority and we will advise accordingly," MSC Cruises representative said.

In addition, Viking Ocean Cruises cruise ship Viking Jupiter - with 918 passengers – scheduled to stop in Barcelona this Saturday has announced it will dock at the port of Valencia instead.

Pullmantur Cruises said on Twitter, before a user's inquiry, that "everything is in order" and if there were any changes, to their scheduled arrivals in Barcelona they will be announced in advance.