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Costa Group CEO unexpectedly steps down

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Michael Thamm is no longer CEO of Costa Group. The trade press reported this development, citing an announcement from Josh Weinstein, the president and CEO of Carnival Corporation, the parent company of Costa Group, which encompasses the Costa and Aida Cruises brands.

Josh Weinstein stated that Thamm has departed from the company with immediate effect, and the role of Group CEO will not be filled by anyone else. Instead, Mario Zanetti, the current general manager of Costa Cruises, will assume a primary role and report directly to Carnival.

In addition, Aida Cruises is also experiencing a change in leadership with Felix Eichhorn, the current executive, being promoted to a new position.

Weinstein acknowledged Thamm and Eichhorn as two executives who have successfully guided both Costa and Aida toward achieving outstanding results. Thamm had joined the company as CEO in 2012, shortly after the Costa Concordia tragedy, and is credited with revitalizing the brand's image after the incident.

Before his role at Costa Cruises, Thamm served as the president of AIDA from 2004 to 2012, overseeing a newbuild program that expanded the fleet by one ship each year from 2007 to 2013. He played a key role in developing Germany's mainstream cruise market since 1993 and positioning AIDA as the market leader, contributing to Germany's emergence as one of the top cruise source markets globally.