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Costa Cruises Launches New Campaign "Live Your Wonder"

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Costa Cruises returns to the world of advertising with a new international campaign, marking the start of a new strategic and creative journey. The creative concept at the heart of this campaign, curated by Herezie, revolves around the belief that the most effective way to convey the experiences of a Costa cruise, where the sea and destinations harmoniously coexist, is through the emotions they evoke in their guests. These are the moments that leave passengers speechless, where the emotions are so profound and unique that words fall short – a sentiment encapsulated in the campaign's slogan, "Live Your Wonder."

Francesco Muglia, Costa Cruises’ Vice President Global Marketing & Source Markets, emphasizes the focus on enriching the human experience: "At the heart of every Costa innovation is the human experience in the broadest sense. Going beyond the expectations of our guests, proposing high-quality experiences capable of eliciting unforgettable emotions, has always been our ultimate goal. The platform's new creative concept has been able to capture precisely that indescribable moment when our guests experience unique emotions on holiday with Costa, so captivating they leave them speechless."

This campaign aims to provide a comprehensive and substantial platform throughout the entire consumer journey. It will seamlessly integrate into Costa's various communication channels in their primary European markets: Italy, France, Spain, and Germany. The campaign was initially launched with a "teaser" subject in all these markets between September 24th and 25th, with further thematic segments to follow, showcasing a range of cutting-edge onboard experiences.

The campaign retains the popular musical track "I am a Believer," which has been a signature element of recent Costa campaigns. It is used creatively in this new commercial to enhance the overall message.

Costa Cruises' "Live Your Wonder" campaign is not just an advertising initiative; it's a reflection of their commitment to delivering unforgettable moments and enriching the lives of their guests, all set against the backdrop of extraordinary travel experiences on the high seas.