Costa Cruises Launches Eurovision Ad Campaign

May 12, 2022

After the success at the Sanremo Festival, Costa Cruises one of the six national sponsors of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, launched the Eliovision, an alternative 'festival' connected by international waters aboard Costa Toscana. Elio and Le Storie Tese organized the event by launching an appeal on social media to find the right location and receiving an invitation from Fabio Rovazzi.

It all started a few weeks ago on social media, when Elio and Le Storie Tese provocatively made the announcement. The group decided to organize their own version of the music festival, the Eliovision, and launch an appeal on social networks to all their audience to help them find a right and international location for the event.

This is how the idea for Eliovision was born, which airs on May 10, 12 and 14 on Rai1, within Eurovision's advertising breaks, stealing the scene from the main festival as a real interference.

Ten television commercials lasting 30 "each, presented by Fabio Rovazzi and with Elio and Le Storie Tese as absolute protagonists and performers, engaged, in various locations on the Costa Toscana, to reinterpret their great classic" La Terra dei Cachi " in different versions, inspired by different European countries. 

From Scandinavian metal to French rap, from Brit-pop to Berlin techno, Elii will take us on a journey throughout Europe through costumes, sets and performances that are always different and always full of irony, which have made them one of the most loved groups in Italy.

"Costa Cruises continues on the path of innovation, with another truly unique initiative, which presents some elements of continuity with respect to the one carried out in Sanremo. We have chosen again a musical event with a great media impact, such as Eurovision Song Contest, always focusing on our flagship. This time Costa Toscana hosts Eliovision, the "alternative" international festival of Elio e le Storie Tese, presented by Fabio Rovazzi, which will allow us to discover our ship in an unexpected and fun way this edition, there is a further affinity that binds Costa to Eurovision, since our cruises, by their nature, unite different countries and different cultures by sea, bringing a message and an example of union and multiculturalism "- has declared Francesco Muglia, Vice President of Global Marketing of Costa Cruises.

In synergy with DUDE, the team of Hello, Costa's social communication partner, worked on the strategy and the social amplification plan of the campaign. Hello has created original content with the protagonists of the campaign, supporting the project on the channels on which the company is present, with a particular focus on TikTok, interpreting the narrative specificities of the platform. 

As part of Digital PR's strategy, a series of influencer kits created for the occasion were also sent, one for each evening, inspired by the band's performances.