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Costa Cruises Introduces "Palermo No Mafia Tour"

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Costa Cruises has embarked on a significant initiative to promote ethical and responsible tourism by offering its guests a unique experience during their stay in Palermo. Every Thursday, when the Costa Smeralda cruise ship docks in Palermo, passengers will have the opportunity to participate in the 'Palermo No Mafia Tour'. This captivating walking tour, organized by Addiopizzo Travel, provides an immersive exploration of the historic heart of Palermo, highlighting key locations of anti-mafia civic resistance and the fight against organized crime.

The 3-hour walking tour will unveil a different facet of Palermo – one that fervently rejects the influence of the mafia. Guided by local experts, participants will gain in-depth insights into the famed Sicilian mafia, transcending stereotypes and Hollywood myths. The tour takes you to the winding streets of the historic center, offering an alternative perspective of the city.

Starting at the Teatro Massimo, a location often tied to cinematic representations like 'The Godfather', guests will then proceed to the Wall of Legality. This towering mural, stretching over 60 meters, commemorates the heroes of the anti-mafia movement, including Paolo Borsellino, Giovanni Falcone, and Peppino Impastato. The mural also pays homage to influential figures in Sicilian literature and culture, such as Andrea Cammilleri, Leonardo Sciascia, and Letizia Battaglia – champions of the battle for legality.

The tour unfolds at Piazza Beati Paoli, where the connection between the fictional sect from Luigi Natoli's novel 'I Beati Paoli' and the 'Cosa Nostra' will be explored. The route continues through the vibrant Mercato del Capo, stopping at Piazza della Memoria and its monument honoring magistrates who fell victim to mafia violence.

Further insights into the intricate relationship between the mafia and the Church, as well as the anti-mafia commitment of figures like priest Don Pino Puglisi, await guests at the Cathedral. The journey progresses to the Town Hall, a symbol of the historical alliance between mafia and politics, which later experienced the era of "Palermo Spring".

An important highlight of the tour is a visit to shops that bear the 'Pago chi non paga' campaign logo. These shops boldly declare their stance against organized crime by publicly denouncing the payment of protection money.