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Code Bravo on Norwegian Bliss

Submitted by jozo on

A small fire broke out in the incineration room during the current 15-Night Panama Canal from Miami voyage on Norwegian Bliss. Following the Code Bravo, firefighting teams were deployed on Deck 4 where ships waste incinerator room is located and quickly managed to put the fire down. 

The master of Norwegian Bliss. Captain Staffan Bengtsson, informed guests in detail about the fire on board. The fire broke out in the incineration room, where waste which can’t be recycled is burned, but materials intended for burning have already been ignited outside the chamber. However, the situation was under control and it was more of a smoke problem than a real fire. There are no reports if some crew members were injured during the incident.

Jim Zimmerlin passenger onboard Norwegian Bliss recorded the following video of Captain Staffan Bengtsson announcement via PA system, informing passengers about the current situation.