Cirque du Soleil on MSC Cruises

May 23, 2017

MSC Cruises has revealed the details of its exclusive partnership with the world leader in entertainment Cirque du Soleil. Starting from June 3, the first show specifically designed for MSC will premiere on MSC Meraviglia, the flagship of the latest generation state-of-the-art cruise ships. MSC Cruises and Cirque du Soleil partnership will bring new standards of entertainment at sea.

Gianni Onorato, CEO of MSC Cruises said: "We are committed to creating unique innovations that can bring the guest experience to ever higher levels. For this reason, we work with the most innovative world leaders in each sector. Today we are pleased to reveal the guiding concept of the show by Cirque du Soleil at Sea which will soon be available on our new flagship MSC Meraviglia. With the creation of two different shows for each of the four upcoming ships from Meraviglia class. "

Guests sailing on MSC MSC Meraviglia will have a chance to watch two shows very different from each other, with contrasting characteristics and different concept, atmospheres, textures, costumes, and make-up. Both shows will be staged once a day for six nights.

TRAVEL, the first of two shows tells the story of a passionate and eccentric painter, who feels the call of a "Muse faceless". Mysterious and seductive, led him to explore the vivid world of his wildest imagination, to complete his masterpiece. With each stroke of the brush, the artist will reveal the details of his grand picture. A show of electrifying colors that will fill the scene offering intriguing motifs, rich and compelling. A play majestic that will transform the theater into a living canvas. Before our eyes, the masterpiece comes to life.

With the sound as the protagonist, SONOR, the second show, accompany guests on an adventure acoustic with dancers, acrobats and other characters who will move to the music. It is thus evoked a world of unique sensations, sounds amazing, bold music and deep projections and penetrating up to the grand finale at the end of the show in an apotheosis of emotions.

Cirque du Soleil at Sea can be booked either before the cruise to be on board. The theater - the Carousel Lounge - will be able to accommodate up to 413 people, so, to make sure not to lose the experience, it is important to book as much in advance as possible.

The Carousel Lounge, high-tech theater worth 20 million euro. MSC Meraviglia will become the first cruise ship to house an Entertainment Lounge designed to meet the specific needs of the Cirque du Soleil at Sea. It is the Carousel Lounge, designed by MSC together with the 'architect Marco De Jorio. Equipped with the latest technology, it will enable performers of Cirque du Soleil to offer sublime performance. The Carousel Lounge looks like a very intimate space, the smallest of the locations where it is used to perform the world famous circus, thus making the interaction between guests and artists even more special.

The name of the theater was chosen as the most suitable to transmit the common spirit of MSC Cruises and Cirque du Soleil, a mix can evoke magical emotions as those experienced at the carnival. The image of "Carousel" is in fact associated with the most joyful memories of childhood.