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Brightwell Adds Extra Security With 3D Face Recognition

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The leading fintech company providing payment services for seafarers on the world's major cruise lines announced a new 3D face recognition feature called “FaceCheck”. Adding extra security to the crew members accounts Brightwell says the new feature will bring an additional layer of assurance and fraud prevention to the accounts.

FaceCheck uses a two-second video selfie to match users to an encrypted 3D face map. The 3D face map, combined with liveness detection that ensures biological identifiers are from the proper user and not presentation attacks, such as photos, videos or masks, creates a fast, easy and incredibly secure way to access Brightwell accounts from any camera-enabled device.

FaceCheck will replace the current password of account holders. The crew will have access to their Brightwell account only with a username and 2-second video selfie.

With the rapid adoption of digital services, financial accounts have become a prime target for fraud. In the past year, fraudulent websites have targeted crewmembers' accounts claiming they are Brightwell. Therefore the company has taken the security issue very seriously and worked diligently to address this challenge. Brightwell said that FaceCheck is more secure than a password or fingerprint login. The new feature uses a two-second video selfie to verify liveness and create a 3D face map of the user that will be used to verify their identity and, along with liveness verification, grant future access to the account.

FaceCheck is designed to increase the security of the crew's Brightwell accounts, preventing fraudsters from hacking the holder's financial accounts by guessing or stealing passwords and personal data.

    • What does the crew need to know about the new security feature?
    • - FaceCheck will work on your phone, tablet, or computer.
    • - Brightwell Navigator mobile app should be updated to at least a 2.0 version, and you should have the latest version of your device's operating system.
    • - FaceCheck does not work with Internet Explorer browser. If you use IE to access your Brightwell account, please download a new browser onto your device.
    • - Supported browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Samsung Internet or Safari.
    • - FaceCheck will only work with phones or tablets using Android OS 5.0+ or iOS 8.3+. 

  •  How to setup FaceCheck on your account?
  • 1. Log in to your Brightwell account entering your username, then your password.
  • 2. FaceCheck information will appear and select Set up now.
  • 3. Select Enable camera to allow FaceCheck to access your camera.
  • 4. Center yourself in the screen, make sure you have good lighting, then select I am ready.
  • 5. Follow the on-screen instructions and wait until you see the confirmation screen that says FaceCheck setup is complete.

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