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Appreciation Letter To The Captain of MSC Divina, Management And The Entire Crew

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After crossing the Atlantic Ocean with 1450 crew members on board, the cruise ship MSC Divina finally arrived at the port of Civitavecchia, Italy on June 4. Crew Center received the following appreciation letter from a crew member expressing his respect and gratitude towards all on board, making this journey a great experience.

Here is the crew member’s letter:

An appreciation letter to the Captain of MSC Divina, the Management and the entire Crew, who took so very well care of us through the crossing to Europe and continue until now. We arrived safe in Europe and the journey has been done so comfortably and so well organized as possible, thanks to our MSC DIVINA family. 

All departments: Housekeeping who are so helpful, Reception who avoid long waiting times and provide great assistance, Entertainment who avoid boredness through a TV show, daily program, riddles, and updates helps us to pass the long sea days. Security and Medical who took care of our health and safety every time and special the F&B Team who always provide different meals and little surprises 3 times a day for every nationality and a variety of drinks and managed to accommodate all of us.

All crew has been so friendly and helpful that they made us feel like home.

The DIVINA crew has transmitted the feeling of a Family. 

Thank you, MSC thank You MCS Divina for everything!