8 Tips for Rude Cruise Guests – How to behave appropriately and get extra service

Feb 22, 2023

Sometimes I felt like being on the edge of a cliff. When am I going to see my family again? How could my managers on board the ship be unfair? 

On top of all those concerns, some unpleasant guests are among my regular daily challenges. However, no matter how hard it was, I always kept in mind that the darkest hour of the night always comes just before dawn.

First of all, I would like to sincerely thank all the kind, compassionate and lovely guests who are making a tremendous difference for all of us. It makes a huge difference to have you on board, and thank you on behalf of all crew members. Moreover, for the minority of other people, you know, those who behave like they own the ship, please read the tips below. 

This is not only to help crew members, but it will also help you receive the best customer service. It comes down to little things, understanding. You do pay for the cruise, but that does not mean you are entitled to do whatever you want, especially when dealing with crew members.

Here are a few tips for those planning their cruise, whether you have previous cruising experience or you are first-time cruiser. Understanding the mutual perspective and treating all crew members on board the ship respectfully is essential. It might help to share a couple of pieces of advice for future sailors. 

Generally speaking, for the crew members on board, we experience extreme feelings every single day. Without a doubt, the worst feeling in the world is when we have to say goodbye to our families and friends every time we leave our home.

On the other hand, the reward for being far away and probably the best feeling in the world is the moment after eight months when we would meet again with our loved ones. However, this is our chosen reality, and we take pride in what we do. Along the way, We meet some fantastic people and create an unforgettable lifetime experience. 

Tip number 1

Never consider yourself too important when dealing with crew members on board. You are not better than first-time cruisers because you have a diamond sail and sign card onboard the ship, and the company gives you a specific status for your loyalty. We provide equally efficient, friendly service to all our guests onboard the ship, regardless of how many cruises they have been on before. Do not impress crew members with your stories about who you know or where you travel and how everyone looks up to you like a VIP. If you do that, crew members will only provide you with a minimum required level of customer service, and you will never be able to receive some of the best extra-mile hospitality experience. 

Do not act arrogantly; instead, humble yourself. You can never be too important.

Tip number 2

Do not bang your card to draw some bartenders' attention when approaching the bar counter on board. Be polite and patient; your turn is coming up in a moment. Important to know because I can guarantee you that if you bang your card while making inappropriate comments about slow bar service, you will wait forever, and the bartender will always find a reason not to serve you as fast as you expect. It's an alcohol service policy, and yes, the bartender can refuse to serve you if you show abusive and disrespectful behavior.

Again, be humble and friendly; you will surely receive an extraordinary, memorable bar experience.

Tip number 3

Do not wave with 1$ bill in front of the bartender's nose. No bartender in the world will serve you properly after that. Even if it is a 100$ bill, it does not matter. That is a massive disrespect to the bartenders because you insult the employee value. And yes, other guests waiting next to you probably have their 1$ bill tips ready, so do not consider yourself a VIP.

Tip number 4

When talking to any crew member onboard the ship, don't ever say,

" Do you know who I am?"

Are you aware that I know some important people in this company, so you all make sure to give me the best service" This is just all wrong. By trying to draw attention that way, you will not get what you want, but also, most of the crew members will spread the word about you and avoid you until the rest of your cruise. Nobody cares about who you are or who you know. Just be humble, and crew members will provide you with the experience of your lifetime. 

Tip number 5

If someone has told you before to make a lot of complaints while being on a cruise so that you will get some complimentary champagne or chocolate strawberries delivered to your room, please reconsider your plan to be adjusted. By purposely trying to create drama onboard the cruise ship, you will ultimately spoil your own cruising experience. All crew members will target you for your inappropriate behavior. Experienced crew members on board will easily read your intention, and they will make sure that you never try something similar again. 

Mistakes and bad things can happen onboard the cruise ship; do not try to exploit them.

Tip number 6

Do not ever sit on your own at the table in the dining room. Wait patiently to be seated. If possible, do not complain too much about the food and potentially delayed service because your food is in the cooks' hands, who are usually good friends with your servers. So... Just be nice. Because if not... Hm. Again, patiently wait, and even if you ask your question or concerns, do it in a friendly, respectful way. Those crew members do their best to provide an efficient, unforgettable customer service experience. 

Tip number 7

Just because you are a guest does not mean that you don't have to smile when dealing with crew members. If you smile while talking to the crew, in return, that will give you a substantial extra mile of service. Smiling is free, and it makes a huge difference. Crew members will appreciate your kindness, and that kind of guest behavior is much more important than a few extra $. 

Because every unexpected extra act of kindness goes a long way and makes a notable difference for every single crew member on board, it will also make a difference for you as a guest because I can guarantee you will receive the best service of your lifetime.

Tip number 8

The person cleaning your cabin is not a superman or a robot. You have to understand that he is cleaning dozens more cabins besides yours. For that reason, show some compassion and understanding before making unnecessary complaints. Crew members will greatly appreciate that, and you will always receive the extra mile of service.