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“Stop Cruises” activists block Marseille port entrance, Wonder of the Seas and MSC Orchestra arrival delayed 2 hours

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This morning about 20 activists from the “Stop Cruises” movement attempted to block the entrance of the Wonder of the Seas and MSC Orchestra at the port of Marseille in France. The activists on inflatable canoes blocked the cruise ships from entering the port for two hours.

They positioned themselves at a good distance from Wonder of the Seas in a way that the approaching maneuvers to the northern entrance of the port were impossible. The harbor master's office quickly interrupted all traffic at the port entrance. 

The maritime police intervened, keeping the protesters near the dike so that the ships can enter the harbour. 

The cruise ship MSC Orchestra which was scheduled to dock in Marseille after Wonder of the Seas, remained stationary near the port and its arrival was also delayed due to the protest.

“This morning, alongside Extinction Rebellion activists, we blocked for 2:30h the port of Marseille preventing the entry of the Wonder Of The Seas and the MSC Orchestra. After an hour of lockdown, the gendarmerie arrived to try to displace us, but we were determined to fight against this floating pollution,” protesters from the Stop Cruises movement said in a post on social media.

The movement which is supported by Extinction Rébellion and Alternatiba, protests against the cruise activity and the impact of pollution and global warming.