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Download entire Norwegian Dawn cruise ship Itinerary in a single PDF file for the season 2017. Find out where the ship is located at the exact date from January till December. Primarily this document is for use by Norwegian Cruise Line crew members and their families, however, everyone is welcomed to share and use it. You can download the schedule in PDF at the bottom of the page.
Norwegian Dawn Cruise Schedule February-March 2018
Cruise ShipDatePort-of-callCountryarrive-depart
Norwegian DawnFebruary 1, 2018George TownCayman Islands10:00-18:00
Norwegian DawnFebruary 2, 2018At Sea n/a
Norwegian DawnFebruary 3, 2018Harvest CayeBelize08:00-17:00
Norwegian DawnFebruary 4, 2018Costa MayaMexico08:00-17:00
Norwegian DawnFebruary 5, 2018CozumelMexico08:00-17:00
Norwegian DawnFebruary 6, 2018At Sea n/a
Norwegian DawnFebruary 7, 2018Tampa, Florida United States08:00-16:00
Norwegian DawnFebruary 8, 2018Key West, Florida   United States10:00-19:00
Norwegian DawnFebruary 9, 2018At Sea n/a
Norwegian DawnFebruary 10, 2018At Sea n/a
Norwegian DawnFebruary 11, 2018WillemstadCuraçao08:00-17:00
Norwegian DawnFebruary 12, 2018OranjestadAruba08:00-17:00
Norwegian DawnFebruary 13, 2018Santa MartaColombia08:00-18:00
Norwegian DawnFebruary 14, 2018At Sea n/a
Norwegian DawnFebruary 15, 2018Ocho RiosJamaica07:00-15:00
Norwegian DawnFebruary 16, 2018George TownCayman Islands09:00-18:00
Norwegian DawnFebruary 17, 2018At Sea n/a
Norwegian DawnFebruary 18, 2018Tampa, Florida United States08:00-16:00
Norwegian DawnFebruary 19, 2018At Sea n/a
Norwegian DawnFebruary 20, 2018CozumelMexico08:00-17:00
Norwegian DawnFebruary 21, 2018Costa MayaMexico08:00-17:00
Norwegian DawnFebruary 22, 2018RoatanHonduras08:00-17:00
Norwegian DawnFebruary 23, 2018Harvest CayeBelize07:00-13:00
Norwegian DawnFebruary 24, 2018At Sea n/a
Norwegian DawnFebruary 25, 2018Tampa, Florida United States08:00-16:00
Norwegian DawnFebruary 26, 2018At Sea n/a
Norwegian DawnFebruary 27, 2018CozumelMexico08:00-17:00
Norwegian DawnFebruary 28, 2018RoatanHonduras08:00-17:00
Norwegian DawnMarch 1, 2018Harvest CayeBelize08:00-17:00
Norwegian DawnMarch 2, 2018Costa MayaMexico08:00-17:00
Norwegian DawnMarch 3, 2018At Sea n/a
Norwegian DawnMarch 4, 2018Tampa, Florida United States08:00-16:00
Norwegian DawnMarch 5, 2018At Sea n/a
Norwegian DawnMarch 6, 2018Costa MayaMexico08:00-17:00
Norwegian DawnMarch 7, 2018RoatanHonduras08:00-17:00
Norwegian DawnMarch 8, 2018Harvest CayeBelize08:00-17:00
Norwegian DawnMarch 9, 2018CozumelMexico11:00-19:00
Norwegian DawnMarch 10, 2018At Sea n/a
Norwegian DawnMarch 11, 2018Tampa, Florida United States08:00-16:00
Norwegian DawnMarch 12, 2018At Sea n/a
Norwegian DawnMarch 13, 2018CozumelMexico08:00-17:00
Norwegian DawnMarch 14, 2018Costa MayaMexico08:00-17:00
Norwegian DawnMarch 15, 2018RoatanHonduras08:00-17:00
Norwegian DawnMarch 16, 2018Harvest CayeBelize07:00-13:00
Norwegian DawnMarch 17, 2018At Sea n/a
Norwegian DawnMarch 18, 2018Tampa, Florida United States08:00-16:00
Norwegian DawnMarch 19, 2018At Sea n/a
Norwegian DawnMarch 20, 2018CozumelMexico08:00-17:00
Norwegian DawnMarch 21, 2018Costa MayaMexico08:00-17:00
Norwegian DawnMarch 22, 2018RoatanHonduras08:00-17:00
Norwegian DawnMarch 23, 2018Harvest CayeBelize07:00-13:00
Norwegian DawnMarch 24, 2018At Sea n/a
Norwegian DawnMarch 25, 2018Tampa, Florida United States08:00-16:00
Norwegian DawnMarch 26, 2018At Sea n/a
Norwegian DawnMarch 27, 2018CozumelMexico08:00-17:00
Norwegian DawnMarch 28, 2018Costa MayaMexico08:00-17:00
Norwegian DawnMarch 29, 2018RoatanHonduras08:00-17:00
Norwegian DawnMarch 30, 2018Harvest CayeBelize07:00-13:00
Norwegian DawnMarch 31, 2018At Sea n/a
Ship Info
Double occupancy/max occupancy:  2240 / 2800
Crew:  1318
Year built:  2002
Tonnage:  90000
Length overall:  965ft (294m)
Beam:  125ft (38m)
Flag:  Bahama
  9 restaurants - Aqua dining room, Venetian dining room, Garden buffeet restaurant, Bamboo - A Taste of Asia, Cagney's steak house, La Cucina restaurant, Le Bistro French restaurant, Teppanyaki restaurant, Moderno Churrascaria   12 bars/cafes including Blue Lagoon food court, Sushi and Sashimi bar, Gatsby's champagne bar, Java cafe, Star piano bar, The Pearly Kings pub, Bimini bar and grill, Sprinkles ice cream bar, Topsiders bar, Havana cigar club, Juice bar 
Health and Fitness
  3 pools - Oasis pool, Lap pool, T-Rex kids pool   6 jacuzzis   El Dorado Gym   El Dorado Spa   Beauty salon   Sauna  Basketball/Volleyball court   Jogging/walking track   Golf driving nets   Deck 7 Promenade walk 
  Stardust theater   Dawn Club casino   Spinnaker lounge  Internet cafe   T-Rex kids center   Teen club/disco   Video arcade   Library 
Other Facilities
  Galleria shops   Wine cellar   Meeting rooms   Medical center
You can download Norwegian Dawn cruise ship itinerary in PDF File for the whole year in the link below.

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