Celebrity Apex Itinerary

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Download year-round Celebrity Apex cruise ship Itinerary in a single PDF file for the Inaugural season2020-2021. Find out where the ship is located at the exact date with arrival and departure times in each port of call including current, past and future voyages. Primarily this document is for use of Celebrity Cruises crew members and their families, however, everyone is welcomed to share this file. You can download the schedule in PDF at the end of this page.

Celebrity Apex Sailing Schedule April- May 2020

Celebrity Apex4/5/2020Southampton (England), United Kingdom00:00-16:00
Celebrity Apex4/6/2020At Sea00:00-00:00
Celebrity Apex4/7/2020Bilbao, Spain07:00-23:00
Celebrity Apex4/8/2020At Sea00:00-00:00
Celebrity Apex4/9/2020Lisbon, Portugal08:00-20:00
Celebrity Apex4/10/2020Leixoes (Oporto), Portugal08:00-17:00
Celebrity Apex4/11/2020At Sea00:00-00:00
Celebrity Apex4/12/2020Le Havre (Paris), France09:30-21:30
Celebrity Apex4/13/2020Southampton (England), United Kingdom05:00-16:00
Celebrity Apex4/14/2020At Sea00:00-00:00
Celebrity Apex4/15/2020Oslo, Norway12:00-00:00
Celebrity Apex4/16/2020Oslo, Norway00:00-16:00
Celebrity Apex4/17/2020Copenhagen, Denmark09:00-17:00
Celebrity Apex4/18/2020Warnemunde, Germany06:00-19:00
Celebrity Apex4/19/2020At Sea00:00-00:00
Celebrity Apex4/20/2020Amsterdam, Holland11:00-19:00
Celebrity Apex4/21/2020Zeebrugge (Brussels), Belgium07:00-17:00
Celebrity Apex4/22/2020Le Havre (Paris), France07:00-21:00
Celebrity Apex4/23/2020Southampton (England), United Kingdom06:00-16:00
Celebrity Apex4/24/2020Zeebrugge (Brussels), Belgium08:00-17:00
Celebrity Apex4/25/2020Amsterdam, Holland07:00-16:00
Celebrity Apex4/26/2020At Sea00:00-00:00
Celebrity Apex4/27/2020Warnemunde, Germany07:00-21:00
Celebrity Apex4/28/2020Copenhagen, Denmark11:00-19:00
Celebrity Apex4/29/2020Oslo, Norway12:00-00:00
Celebrity Apex4/30/2020Oslo, Norway00:00-16:00
Celebrity Apex5/1/2020At Sea00:00-00:00
Celebrity Apex5/2/2020Le Havre (Paris), France07:00-21:00
Celebrity Apex5/3/2020Southampton (England), United Kingdom06:00-16:00
Celebrity Apex5/4/2020At Sea00:00-00:00
Celebrity Apex5/5/2020Bergen, Norway12:00-20:00
Celebrity Apex5/6/2020Alesund, Norway07:00-19:00
Celebrity Apex5/7/2020Geiranger, Norway07:00-15:00
Celebrity Apex5/8/2020Stavanger, Norway10:00-18:00
Celebrity Apex5/9/2020At Sea00:00-00:00
Celebrity Apex5/10/2020Southampton (England), United Kingdom06:00-16:00
Celebrity Apex5/11/2020Le Havre (Paris), France07:00-21:00
Celebrity Apex5/12/2020At Sea00:00-00:00
Celebrity Apex5/13/2020Bilbao, Spain09:30-17:00
Celebrity Apex5/14/2020La Coruna, Spain10:00-19:00
Celebrity Apex5/15/2020At Sea00:00-00:00
Celebrity Apex5/16/2020Lisbon, Portugal07:00-17:00
Celebrity Apex5/17/2020Gibraltar, United Kingdom13:00-20:00
Celebrity Apex5/18/2020Cartagena (Murcia), Spain11:00-20:00
Celebrity Apex5/19/2020At Sea00:00-00:00
Celebrity Apex5/20/2020Barcelona, Spain06:00-17:00
Celebrity Apex5/21/2020Alicante, Spain09:00-22:00
Celebrity Apex5/22/2020At Sea00:00-00:00
Celebrity Apex5/23/2020Cadiz, Spain07:00-18:00
Celebrity Apex5/24/2020Gibraltar, United Kingdom07:00-17:00
Celebrity Apex5/25/2020At Sea00:00-00:00
Celebrity Apex5/26/2020Sete, France10:00-18:00
Celebrity Apex5/27/2020Toulon, France07:00-17:00
Celebrity Apex5/28/2020La Spezia, Italy08:00-20:00
Celebrity Apex5/29/2020Ajaccio (Corsica), France07:00-16:00
Celebrity Apex5/30/2020Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy05:00-17:00
Celebrity Apex5/31/2020Naples, Italy07:00-18:30
  • Celebrity Apex Data:
  • Double occupancy /max occupancy: 2918 - 3373 passangers
  • Crew occupancy: 1320 crew
  • Year built: 2020
  • Tonnage: 129,500
  • Length overall: 1004 ft (306 m)
  • Beam: 128ft (39 m)
  • Draught: 27ft (8.2 m)
  • Cruising speed: 21.8 knots
  • Ship Class: Edge
  • Sister ship(s): Celebrity Edge

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