MSC Cruises Presents Robotron - the star attraction aboard MSC Seascape

Sep 02, 2022

With the aim of continuing to work on bringing the most advanced innovation to each of the ships, MSC Cruises announced details of the new technological entertainment options that passengers will be able to experience on MSC Seascape, the company's next ship to be launched. Will open in December this year. 

Among all of them, the star will be ROBOTRON, an exciting attraction that offers the impressive sensation of a roller coaster in the sea combined with a personalized DJ musical experience. The ship will also feature two new virtual reality experiences and a host of high-tech entertainment designed to be enjoyed by thrill-seekers of all ages.

ROBOTRON, the star attraction of MSC Seascape, is a state-of-the-art robotic arms with an attached gondola that seats three passengers, which will fly 53 meters above sea level. In it, passengers will have an unobstructed 360° view as they hover over the edge of the platform, moving in different directions. ROBOTRON also offers a personalized music option with a DJ where passengers can select their musical preferences, and enjoy a giant screen with colorful projections, while the robotic arm moves to the rhythm of the music. Passengers will be able to see the DJ booth, with the beat and bass visualized as colored patterns on the video screen as the arm bounces and spins to the beat of the music.

Each cruise passenger will be able to select their level of intensity according to their tastes, which makes ROBOTRON an experience for the whole family and very exciting, unique and fun.

Brandon Briggs, Senior Vice President, Shipboard Revenue, said: “ We are excited to offer passengers a host of high-tech entertainment options on board MSC Seascape to satisfy the cravings of adrenaline seekers. ROBOTRON, the first such robotic attraction ever to appear on a cruise ship, will create a new standard of entertainment with an immersive and personalized travel experience unique to each passenger. Our additional entertainment options with virtual reality elements, special effects and simulators will guarantee unforgettable experiences that will leave passengers amazed.”

In addition to ROBOTRON, the ship will also feature two new virtual reality experiences and a host of other exciting high-tech entertainment designed for thrill-seekers of all ages to enjoy. These include:

VR 360° flight simulator: with all the thrills of an outdoor roller coaster. This immersive simulator is the ultimate virtual roller coaster experience complete with VR headsets and stunning special effects. Visitors can choose from several worlds in which to immerse them in an exciting journey like no other.

Virtual Reality Motorbikes: Passengers in need of speed will love MSC Seascape's new virtual reality motorbikes, where players will feel transported to the race course, with wind and water effects to complete the experience.