MSC Cruises Increases Drink Packages and Extends Offers

Feb 27, 2023

Starting February 27, MSC Cruises will increase the prices of its onboard beverage packages and, at the same time, expand the offer of the included drinks. Additionally, the automatic service charge for drink orders without a package will increase from 15 to 18 percent on ships using the USD currency.

The drink package price increase ranges from around 4 to 30 percent, depending on the package and duration of the cruise. Most packages will increase by just over 20 percent, with the basic package, "Easy," now costing €39 per person per day if purchased before the voyage, up from €32 previously. The "Premium Extra" package will increase from €62 to €74 per person per day.

The "Easy" package will now include canned soft drinks, some beers, and bottled fruit juices, whereas previously, it only offered draft beer and soft drinks. 

The drink packages' price range will differ between shorter cruises of up to six nights and longer trips of seven or more nights, with beverage packages being up to ten percent more expensive on shorter trips than on longer trips. The "Easy" package will now cost €39 if purchased in advance and €47 on board (including the service fee, which is no longer calculated separately) per person per day. The "Easy" package will cost €43 in advance or €51 on board for trips lasting less than seven days. For passengers booking a trip on an MSC cruise ship using US dollars as the onboard currency, the "Easy" package will cost $46 or $57 for longer cruises and $49 or $60 for trips of up to six nights.