Indian Crew Member Dies Aboard Costa Cruise Ship

Jul 04, 2019

We are very sad to report that an Indian crew member employed by the Italian company Costa Cruises, died from a heart attack onboard the cruise ship Costa Luminosa.

The Food and Beverage Server Devendra Kumar, age 32, from Kanpur, India, passed away last June while Costa Luminosa was in Italy. According to reports Kumar had difficulties breading when the crew alerted ship’s medical staff who quickly responded to the scene. Unfortunately, it was too late.

Kumar last phone call back home was on June 11th, with his mother Radhika. He told her that he will be coming home soon for a holiday, reports the Indian newspaper Dainik Jagran

According to Jagran on June 16, Hoshiar Singh, a resident of Uttarakhand, living in Venice informed them that the crew member had difficulty breathing on the ship. The medical team was called on the spot, who declared him dead. Following the incident, the cruise line officials informed the placement company of Mumbai and told that the legal process will be completed and the body will be given to the family members. Kumar’s family said that he joined Costa Cruises two years ago.

Many friends, fellow crew members, and passengers who meet Kumar said final farewell. On his Facebook page, they expressed condolences to Kumar’s family, saying that he was one of the kindest friendly people they met, and will always be remembered by his genuine smile.

“This is one of the best people in my life. Brother, I cannot define the sadness that this news brought in me! I still remember the day we started working together, to FWB Bangalore and till the time u went cruising! May God be in your favor always and pray for your peace! RIP” says his friend.

Devendra Kumar will be missed and he will never be forgotten, may his soul rest in peace.