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Costa Cruises Receives Award for Transgender in the Workplace policy

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Costa Cruises received the "Best Improvement of D&I in the Workplace" award by the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. D&I (Diversity & Inclusion) award recognizes maritime companies that distinguished themselves in promoting and affirming gender equality and diversity within their organizations, fully integrating them into decision-making processes.

The award highlights Costa Cruises' commitment to diversity, particularly through its "Transgender in the Workplace" policy. This policy is designed to guarantee fair and equitable treatment for transgender individuals, both aboard its ships and in shore-based offices.

The awrd ceremony in Brussels saw the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the North Sea of Belgium, present the award to Stephane Codeluppi, Development and D.E.I. Manager of Costa Cruises, together with Bernard Vanheule, Costa & Carnival Corporation EU Affairs Director.

Stephane Codeluppi expressed pride in the recognition, stating, "This acknowledgment reaffirms that diversity and inclusion are integral to Costa Cruises' ethos. Our transgender policy, in particular, offers clear, practical guidelines to foster an inclusive work environment for transgender staff, benefiting employee welfare and enhancing the company's appeal to prospective talent. Furthermore, initiatives like ours can drive societal change."

Costa Cruises has long championed D&I in its onboard and shore-based operations. Since 2015, the appointment of a dedicated Diversity & Inclusion Manager has led to a structured D&I strategy, encompassing the evaluation and introduction of policies, ongoing monitoring, and the integration of diversity as a core company value since 2018. The company's commitment extends beyond internal measures, working with external partners on D&I matters, ensuring equal opportunities, and combating discrimination. This culture of diversity and inclusion is deeply embedded in Costa's internal communications and recruitment strategies.