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Brazil To Kick-Start 2021/2022 Cruise Season With Arrival of 7 Cruise Ships

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Brazil returns on the cruise map with the long-awaited popular cruises for the 2021/2022 season. So far two cruise lines have confirmed deployment of seven cruise ships arriving in November 2021. The ships expected for 2021/22 are Seaside, Splendida, Preziosa, Sinfonia, from MSC Cruises, and the cruise ships Smeralda and Fascinosa, from Costa Cruises. Voyages will include stops to Rio De Janeiro, Salvador, Porto Bello, Santos, Cabo Frio, Maceio, Ubatuba, Santos and many more of their national pearls. 

Brazil cruises are planned between November 2021 and April 2022, together with the protocols assigned by Anvisa. All of the above mentioned are approved by the Ministry of Health, Justice, Infrastructure, Tourism, Civil House and Embratur. Among the main pillars that will be detailed and defined by Anvisa are: pre-boarding tests for all guests, with rigorous control; vaccinated crew, with three tests before entering service and quarantine; use of face masks, distance, reduced occupancy, fresh air without recirculation, constant disinfection and cleaning; and a contingency plan with specially trained medical personnel and a structure with all modern resources to attend to guests and crew. In addition, the excursions will follow the protocols of the Maritime Companies and municipalities, so that people can enjoy their leisure to the fullest in complete safety.

Each cruise ship that returns to sail represents an important step towards the recovery of the economy, responding to a pent-up demand from tourists in love with cruises. According to a recent CLIA study, 82% of cruisers that have sailed before want to sail again soon.

“We are ready to sail and offer the same unique and memorable experiences that people who are passionate about cruises are used to experiencing. The successful return to shipping is the result of an extremely technical and judicious joint work by CLIA and the cruise industry to implement protocols created by doctors, scientists and specialists, putting the safety of guests, crew and cities first. visited ”, says Marco Ferraz, president of CLIA, Brazil.