60 Tons Crane Falls Next to Royal Princess

Sep 27, 2016

During the scheduled dry dock in Palermo on Princess Cruises ship Royal Princess, a 60 tons crane fell to the yard just next to the ship. The accident happened yesterday inside the basin during a lifting operation. The crane detached from the top of the fixed platform which was a cause of the accident. Fortunately no one was near the place where the crane fell and there are no reported injured workers. 

The Italian Shipbuilder Fincantieri in a statement said "Yesterday an elevating mobile platform, which was lifted from the dock to be transferred within the 400,000 tons basin in our factory in Palermo, fell to the ground, causing damage during the maneuver. No one was present in the range of the quay cranes, nor in the stalls used to house the platform, so no worker was involved. The whole maneuver was performed in full compliance with all the safety precautions required. The incident for the company would be solely due to failure of one sling."