Proud to be cruise ship crew member

Apr 08, 2021

Crew members are proud and hardworking people, loyal to the cruise lines and committed to their jobs at sea. They are breadwinners for their families but also visionaries who dream for a better future. During this difficult year some found different jobs, others waited for that call from the cruise lines. However, almost all of them are eager to get back at sea and continue doing what they do best. This shows just how much crews are loyal to their company, fulfilling a commitment even in the face of changes and hard circumstances.

Today I found an interesting post that proves just how much the crew are proud to be part of the major cruise lines and show their fruit of labor back home. In the post, the crew shared photos of their boats, transportation tricycles and other possessions with the cruise line logo. Here are some of them and hope you will enjoy them.

 "Loyal To Royal"

Royal Caribbean crew uses this slogan often,  but this brings it to a new level. These are some of the photos they shared with the Royal Caribbean International logo painted on fishing boats, and public transportation tricycles.


Boat with Carnival Cruise Line logo 2021

This is the latest project by a Carnival Cruise Line crew member who finished his boat this year and is ready to set sail.


The Viking House

Now, this is quite an interesting story of a Viking crew member who built his house thanks to his hard work for the cruise company. To show his appreciation and the opportunity to fulfill his dream, the crew member placed the Viking logo on the facade. This has been brought to Viking management's attention, and the corporate office acknowledged this gesture of loyalty and sent the crew member gift. The gift was received by the crew member's family together with a letter from Torstein Hagen, Founder and Chairman of Viking Cruises.

  • Photo credit: Buhay Sa Cruise Ship (Group) / Pinoy RCCL Crew (PRC)
  • Article contributor: Flogio Advincula