Helsinki Cruise Ship Port Map

This map shows a city map of Helsinki with Cruise ship terminal, main roads and streets, zoom in to find detail location of Points of Interest such as Wifi Hotspot (at McDonald's), Shopping (H&M, Zara, Sepala Oy), Supermarket (Lidl), Restaurants (Samrat, New Bamboo Center), Fast-food (Mc Donald's), Post office (Posti Kasarmitori), Money transfer (Western Union, MoneyGram) and more. Map of Helsinki is of great help for people visiting this city with Cruise ship.

Finnish and Swedish are official languages.
National currency:
Euro is the official currency.
Country dialing code: 358
City dialing code: 9
To dial out from Finland: 00
Tourist Guide for Helsinki
Foreign embassies and consulates in Finland

Please leave comment below the map of places you visited or some other places that you want to share with your fellow crew members.


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