Hackers Target Royal Caribbean Crew Members Salary @ Sea Online Accounts

Feb 03, 2018

Crew members working for Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. have received a Facebook message by fake accounts urging them to check for a bonus on their Salary @ Sea online payment system account. The message contains a link which once you click on it hackers have access to your account and can withdraw money or change your PIN. Somehow they have managed to get the information of Salary @ Sea cardholders and to target Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, and Azamara crew members to gain online access to their accounts.

The message will usually pop up on your FB Messenger with the following text “hey check Bonus... you already check the bonus of $100 in account citiprepaid, $100 bonus that comes from sea @ salary... try you check click and check the bonus $100 in account citiprepaid” with a link at the end.

Beware of this scam message and don’t click on the link or respond to the message.

Royal Caribbean has already alerted their employees about this scam thru their crew web-portal rclcrewtravel.com saying “Be aware of this scam message being sent to Salary @ Sea cardholders via Facebook Messanger Inbox. Do not click on that link shown in the screenshots, your Salary @ Sea could be compromised!”

If you have received the bonus scam message, reach out to the onboard Finance Team of your current / most recent ship assignment.