Fantastic poem by a sailor to his love “A SAILOR'S LAST LETTER”

Jul 25, 2017
  • My Love,
  • I shall write this letter, however, I won't give it to you...
  • If I die while I'm away, I pray they hand it to you...
  • You may not hear me as often saying the words "I love you..."
  • I just hope that this letter could help me prove it to you...


  • It was the month of June; it's the first time I saw your smile
  • You were on your uniform, I fell in love with your style
  • As I stared at your eyes, it's as if my heart stopped beating',
  • And I knew from that moment, you're the girl I've been praying


  • We became friends… And eventually became lovers,
  • The Earth was on our side, even the winds and the waters.
  • I almost thought that happiness would have no ending,
  • But I needed to wake up for life isn't lived by dreaming.


  • The first time I went aboard, I didn't know how to say goodbye.
  • The pain was killing me; as if I'm going to die.
  • If only you came; gave me a hug just before my flight...
  • I would choose to miss the plane, than to lose you in my sight.


  • Life on board was tough; our happy memories were my refuge,
  • Burning summers, numbing winters, some waves were really huge.
  • Drifting inch by inch on the journey filled with challenges,
  • I got the strength to carry on from your heartfelt promises.


  • My love, there was a time when a nightmare caused me to scream,
  • Our ship had perished along with the fulfillment of our dream.
  • Tears fell down like rain; I wept like I never cried before,
  • Wondering if this letter could ever reach the distant shore.


  • There is a risk loving Someone who Might Never come back.
  • Could you Bear the Pain if I vanish without any track?
  • Please tell our Son Sorry For not hearing his First Word to Utter.
  • Tell our daughter Sorry; when she's Sick, I wished I was there.


  • My love, I'm Sorry I wouldn’t let you read this Letter for Now,
  • I'm certain you'll shed tears; might make me promise you a Vow.
  • If it's God's Will to take me from you without a warning.
  • I'll leave my Heart to you tiIl We Meet Again in Heaven.



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