DJ ROB The First Humanoid DJ Robot on Cruise Ship

May 08, 2018

When it comes to new technology cruise lines are quite creative by implementing impressive robot bartenders on Royal Caribbean ships, magic carpet on Celebrity Edge, the friendly Pepper Robot on Costa and AIDA cruise ship to name a few. 

This Friday another robot will join the cruise tech nation as a part of the latest TUI cruise ship named “New Main Schiff 1”. DJ ROB is the first humanoid DJ robot on the seven seas to provide music entertainment for guests.

DJ ROB Mein Schiff 1

At first glance, he looks a little awkward - but DJ Rob has incredible tact. He plays music is in the restaurant area named “Große Freiheit” on the DJ console and changes records - like a real DJ. His movements and lighting design respond to the music he plays by 15 moving axes, a music recognition system, a camera and laser sensors.

Here is a short video of DJ ROB in action.

The concept and design was developed by the design studio Scouting with pi4_ robotics realized in Berlin. Also "The Dancing Mirror” another attraction on board in the entrance area of the Great Freedom was developed by Scouting 2017. The interactive art object is equipped with sensors that respond to the movements of visitors. The observer sees himself as an abstracted figure on a large screen and can trigger and control visual effects through the dancing and arm movements.