Best Places to Buy Watch in Caribbean

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Crew members love buying nice expensive watches. After all they deserve it.
Caribbean is an excellent place to buy nice watch. Because of the duty-free shopping, there are an abundance of great deals.

This are some of our recommendation and tips where to buy watches in Caribbean islands.

St. Matrin is a great shopping destination for electronics, clothes but it is also one of the best places to buy nice watch. Authorized dealer in St. Maarten is Goldfinger with three stores on the island. Make sure you bargain with theme so you can try your luck and get lower price. Also bring your Crew ID maybe that will help for additional discount.

St.Thomas is another shopping paradise for watches. Authorized dealer is AH Riise with three store locations and fantastic inventory. Also Little Switzerland offers good price for watches. It's located right alongside the waterfront in Charlotte Amalie.

If you visit Jamaica you can stop by in  GEM Palace in Taj Mahal shopping mall they have a store in Soni mall as well.

In Mexican ports sometime you can find also good deals for watches. We recommend UltraJewels  sores in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel.

Here are some suggestions when baying a watch.

1.- DO your homework. Prices in  Caribbean are lower because of 'duty free', but you need to know your list price and also what kind of discounts you can get back home.

2.- Do not go with the 'cheaper island' comments; if you find a good deal, GO FOR IT!. You can  find so-so prices for Rolex in St. Martin but UNBELIEVABLE prices for Cartier in that same island.

3.- NEGOTIATE. Caribbean islands can give you a good deal if you know to negotiate.

4.- There is always the 'back home' option. As purchasing in the Caribbean is a nice experience and a beautiful 'souvenir', if you get a better deal back home; save your money.

5.- ENJOY the experience! Just looking into the stores and their inventory, trying on watches and enjoy.

Tell us your experience and recommendations in the comment box bellow.

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