7 Must Do Activities for Crew Members

May 01, 2019

Working on a cruise ship is not a joke. You will work and work you will. But there are perks about working on ships and I am not talking about making more money than you would at home. I am talking about the travel and exploration of places and activities you would normally have the chance back home especially if you grew up in a landlocked country like I did. When you find some time in your hectic busy schedule, one of the best ways to explore more of the ports worth investing your precious time in is by connecting yourself with the people who work in the excursion teams. Not only they can hook you up with some discounts, but also give you good tips on which experiences are worth your hard earned money. However, if you really do not have time to go and speak with one of them we have compiled a little must do list.

1. Jet Skiing

If you want to truly experience the might of the waves and the wind in your face, as well as have some need for speed and adrenaline building activity this is definitely the one for you. If you have never even heard of Jet Ski before, just imagine a fast motorcycle on water and the waves as frequent hills. You will feel like you are cutting through the waves and flying at the same time. It will make you scared half to death and scream but will want to keep doing it because that tension releasing especially after a very hard shift is beyond energy building and exciting. You can do it on your own or in a group setting. If you are new and have never done it group setting is great for starters.

2. Zip-Lining

Want to face your fear of heights and scream your head off without anyone telling you to shut up while you appear that you are flying down into the ground, then we recommend zip-lining. I personally have not done this one because I know my personal limits in the need for speed department. However, if you have that higher level of need for speed and love higher levels of adrenaline boosting activities, yup this is for you definitely. Zip lining is where they strap you, of course, to be safe, and then you hold tight onto the handles. Once you let go of the ledge you end up flying in the air with high intense speed until you either reach the other end of the line or the ground. Just imagine Indiana Jones. Bolder people than I speak highly about how exciting and fun it is. Just remember you are not the one who controls the speed so if you like being in control and letting go of control is hard for you, then this is definitely not for you.

3. Quad-Ridding (ATV)

Want to explore the islands without walking and feeling dead tired for your next shift, riding an ATV is your thing then. This is one of my favorite things to do because it is like a motorcycle on 4 wheels. I personally have a poor sense of balance and cannot ride motorcycles. So this is a great alternative. They have speed and fund to ride, yet you still sit comfortable on a nice seat. ATVs are also great for hard to reach areas like small trails and going up a hill.

4. Swimming with Dolphins

Is it your first time seeing dolphins and wonder what kind of creatures they are especially if you grew up as a kid watching the movie Free Willy? Well, now you have a chance to experience what the main character in that movie by swimming with dolphins. I have to say that dolphins are very fascinating creatures when I did this the dolphin kept gravitating towards this one lady and the trainer mentioned that they do that a lot when a woman is pregnant as they can sense the frequency of the fetus/baby. The lady started laughing and mentioned that she just found out that she is pregnant before the cruise. This activity is done in a controlled environment as the specialized trainers provide you guidance and manage the dolphins. Doing this activity generally makes a person feel like a kid because dolphins can be pretty silly and also very peaceful as they are also very caring, soothing and calming.

5. Swimming with Stingrays

Do not let the name of these beautiful creatures misguide and steer away from trying this out. They are sweet and gentle creatures, no sting during this activity. Just like swimming with dolphins, this activity is also in a controlled environment with specialized trainers who guide you about what to do and expect. This fun and relaxing activity is recommended especially when you have felt anxious and stressed, thus want to simply enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of stingrays.

6. Climbing Waterfalls

Are you a master at rock climbing and have hiked mountains like a pro? Well, put that ego aside because this takes teamwork to complete and rely on more than just yourself and your abilities. Let’s face it, just looking at a waterfall is marvelous. I can stand in front of a waterfall for hours and just listen to the waterfall in such a wonderful and blissful state. However, climbing waterfalls is that one activity when you learn a lot about your own self and if you go with the team your work with or friends, you learn a lot about how you all work as a team and communicate. So what is waterfall climbing? Well, just imagine a line of people holding hands while trying to climb the waterfall up. You rely on your own balance and the balance of the people you are holding. As a team, you either climb the waterfall or fall back like a domino. It is a fun activity, especially in a group setting.

7. Parasailing

You have a hard time making up your mind between air and water activity because you love both equally?  You would love to jump off of a plane with a parachute one day, but not bold enough yet? No worries, here is the best of all those worlds and some prep for the latter to work up to that courage, parasailing. With parasailing, you get on a speed boat and go away from the coast. Once far enough in, they strap you onto a parachute and then the boat starts riding fast. During this, they release the line with you and the parachute that pulls you up in the air. The initial release is a bit intense as the boat is moving with great speed and the wind pulls you back. However, once you are in the air the speed is not as noticeable as you feel like you are just sitting in the air.