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Windstar President Christopher Prelog Celebrates Three-Year Anniversary

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Christopher Prelog, the President of Windstar Cruises, is marking a significant milestone in his career as he celebrates three years at the helm of the small ship cruise line. Prelog has steered Windstar Cruises through a remarkable period of change, cementing the company's position as a leading player in the luxury cruise industry. According to a recent release by the company, Windstar has witnessed substantial growth and innovation under his guidance.

Christopher Prelog's journey in the cruise industry began with Seabourn, where he worked his way up from a waiter to head of all ship operations. He brought a wealth of experience when he joined Windstar.

One of the most noteworthy achievements was the relaunch of Windstar's fleet operations in 2021, after the pandemic brought the cruise industry to a standstill. This move allowed the cruise line to resume delivering exceptional travel experiences to its loyal passengers.

Additionally, Windstar unveiled three fully reimagined ships by 2022, showcasing the company's commitment to providing its guests with the utmost in comfort and luxury. These renovations have brought a fresh and modern atmosphere to the entire fleet.

In a strategic move, Windstar Cruises relocated its headquarters from Seattle to Miami, reinforcing its presence in a key hub for the cruise industry. This relocation has allowed the company to better serve its customers and partners.

As Windstar celebrates Prelog's third year as President, the company boasts competitive sales, an expanded crew, and an array of newly introduced destinations. These destinations are carefully chosen to offer unique and enriching experiences for passengers. Moreover, Windstar has forged partnerships centered around culture and the environment, reflecting its commitment to responsible and sustainable travel.

President's Cruise

To commemorate this significant anniversary, Windstar has announced a special Windstar President's Cruise set for April 2024 in the Canary Islands. The "Captivating Canary Islands President's Cruise" is an eight-day journey that will set sail from Las Palmas on April 20th, heading for Lisbon. Passengers on this unique voyage will have the opportunity to "get to know Prelog personally and spend time with him where he's most comfortable: at sea."

Reflecting on his journey with Windstar Cruises, Christopher Prelog said, "I always look forward to the yearly President's cruise. It's a chance for me to sail with guests and crew and learn about their Windstar experiences."