Two Sexy Women Arrested With 95 Kilos of Cocaine on Princess Cruise Ship

Sep 05, 2016

Melina Roberge , 22, and Isabelle Lagace , 28, form Canada took a dream cruise around the world from London to Sydney on a luxury Princess cruise ship, Sea Princess. With stops in Canada, United States, cross the Panama Canal, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, the islands of Polynesia, New Zealand and Australia, the cruise lasted almost two months. 

The two young women were very attractive, nice, fun, and continually posting photos on the social networks Instagram and Facebook from the places they visited. Photos in Machu Picchu, Peru, in Times Square, New York, or having coconut on one of the islands of Polynesia.

However this was a façade because the two sexy girls were actually "mules" for smuggling drugs. Two women were accompanied by a third person, Andre Tamine, 63 year-old man also from Canadian. When Sea Princes reached its final destination Sidney, Australia the authorities boarded the cruise ship and search the staterooms, finding staggering 95 kilograms of pure cocaine distributed in 2000 packages, with a street value of $30 million. Police found 35 kilograms of cocaine in suitcases in a cabin the women shared and 60 kilos was found in Andre Tamine luggage in a separate cabin.

According to the deputy commissioner of the Australian Border Police and head of the Strategic Border Command, Clive Murray, this is another example of the fruits that are obtained through international cooperation in the fight against drug cartels. Australian authorities confirmed that the cocaine bust was coordinated by several agencies, including Canadian Border Agency and the US Department of Homeland Security.

All three were arrested and appeared in court Monday and are expected to have hearing on October 26. If convicted they can face life in prison. Below are the photos they posted on Instagram from their first and last cruise.