Staff Captain Error Behind the Carnival Pride Crash in Baltimore

Mar 11, 2017

The National Transportation Safety Board released the report regarding the crash of the cruise ship Carnival Pride in Baltimore pier. On May 8, 2016, during the berthing maneuver, Carnival Pride bow struck the pier and damaged the elevated passenger walkway which crashed and destroyed three vehicles on the ground, causing nearly $2.1 million in damages. NTSB report states that the staff captain allowed the vessel to approach the pier too fast and at an angle too steep because he misjudged the power available in the joystick mode.


After realizing that the angle of approach was too steep In order to gain more thrust Staff Captain attempted to transfer from joystick to manual control at the bridge wing console. Despite repeated attempts, the staff captain’s efforts to transfer control to the manual were unsuccessful. Then the captain took control and shifted engine and helm control back to the center console, applying full thrust away from the berth but not before the ship’s bow struck the pier. The report adds that a human error was the cause of the crash and in this case the Carnival Pride second in charge.