New Costa Cruises logo presented onboard Costa Smeralda

Oct 04, 2021

Costa Cruises has revealed the new logo of the iconic “C” revealing the next chapter in the company’s history. The presentation of the new logo as well as the vision into the future was presented onboard Costa Smeralda by Mario Zanetti, General Manager of Costa Cruises.

The new logo represents a visual identity in line with an enhanced product that is increasingly aimed at the various aspects of cruising in a single 360-degree experience. The iconic “C” becomes a symbol embraced between the earth, represented by the lower part, and the sea, depicted in the upper section of the design with the more traditional blue tone.

“We thought about a renewal in our offer, introducing such important innovations that we can talk about a new way of cruising with Costa. We want those who come on holiday with us to have unique experiences that enrich, by discovering destinations in a more authentic, profound and sustainable way ”-  said  Mario Zanetti. “For over 70 years Costa has been synonymous with cruise travel. In this very important moment for the recovery of tourism, we wanted to rewrite the future of cruises, in a more responsible and attentive way for the people and the planet, with the aim of guiding the sector towards the return to the constant growth it had before 2020."

To offer these experiences, Costa Cruises will focus on three main aspects - gastronomy, shore excursions, and sustainability - enhancing Costa Cruises commitment to grow together with local communities and promote sustainable cruises.

Roberto Alberti , Senior vice president & chief commercial officer at Costa Cruises explained the company’s focus on its values and culture, while observing the recent changes in cruising “What are customers looking for? What emotions do they want to experience? We have surveyed over 20,000 travelers and most of them seek enrichment during their vacation, exploration, immersion in local cultures” - said Roberto Alberti. “And here we have redesigned the concept of a cruise vacation, because be unique and distinctive. We want to be a recognizable brand that remains impressed in the minds of our guest thanks to unique experiences that combine land and sea in a responsible and sustainable way, and thus create value for the entire ecosystem in which we operate".