MSC Splendida Passenger arrested with 4.5 kilos of cocaine

Apr 20, 2016

Brazil Federal Police arrested a 39-year-old woman with 4.5 kilos of cocaine in Buzios. The cocaine was hidden in an abdominal strap and the woman was caught trying to bring the drugs onboard the cruise ship MSC Splendida. According to the officials, the drug was found by federal officers of the Bureau of Macae, in Rio, conducting routine inspection with the ship's passengers. The agents suspected of the unusual volume in woman’s abdomen and her suspicious behavior. A policewoman made a personal search and located the cocaine packages.

The woman intended to smuggle the drugs on MSC Splendida final voyage of the season from Brazil to Europe. According to police statement the woman was a Spanish citizen, and she wanted to smuggle the drug with final destination Madrid / Spain. The woman was arrested and charged with international drug trafficking, whose penalty can reach up to15 years in prison.

MSC Splendida was cleared to set sail continuing the transatlantic journey after stopping in Salvador, and Fortaleza.