MSC Cruises to open brewery at sea aboard MSC World Europa

Oct 17, 2022

MSC Cruises is teaming up with the Italian-based Baladin Farm Brewery to launch its first brewery at sea on board the newest flagship MSC World Europa. Guests can experience three crafted beers at the Oceanic Brewery which will be part of the Masters of the Sea pub, one of the favorite places for MSC passengers to have a quick meal and delight in the extensive list of beers.

MSC Cruises said that it is essential to choose a partner who understands the complexity of beer production in challenging conditions, but also the vision and philosophy of the brand. 

“I've always love experimenting and being creative with my beers” commented the founder and master brewer of Birra Baladin, Teo Musso . “This collaboration with MSC Cruises is an opportunity to create not only three new types of beer, but to do it in a romantic place: at sea. The result is three completely new “ocean” beers, one pilsner, one dark and one wheat, each with a unique range of flavors. This is an opportunity for MSC Cruises guests to discover new flavors, just like discovering new cruise destinations."

MSC World Europa will welcome its first guests this winter: the ship will spend its inaugural season in the Arabian Gulf region and then sail towards the Mediterranean at the end of March 2023.