MSC Cruise Director Gene Young Passes Away Unexpectedly in Miami

Feb 17, 2023

It is with deep sadness that we share the news of losing yet another dear friend who departed way too soon. Gene Moimoi Young was a cruise director on many MSC Cruises ships, but most of all, he was an outstanding person full of positive energy that he spread among all he met. His passing is something that we are struggling to come to terms with. He passed away unexpectedly in Miami, Florida.

During his time as a Cruise Director, he brought in top ratings, and passengers always had a great time. Gene went out of his way to make everyone's life aboard the ships easier. He was a generous and caring man full of life; many will miss him incredibly. Gene was passionate about working as a Cruise Director, his guests, his team, and the industry. Before joining MSC Cruises, Gene worked for Holland America Line, Victory Cruise Lines and Stiletto Entertainment.

His friend Rebekah Law, shared this post on social media:

"Gutted. In shock. Stupefied. Gene Moimoi Young was a lot of things - a father, a brother, a son, a fiancé, a gifted performer, a celebrity Cruise Director, a friend, a colleague, a comedian, and a jovial, bright light in this world! As part of the vibrant, tightly-knit cruise community, we are definitely having a hard time swallowing this one - we so wish the rumors weren’t true. But…ugh. Just gone too soon. Damn, Gene. So many loved you. My heart aches for his family and all of those closest to him. And it also breaks for the rest of us whose lives he touched. Rest In Peace, buddy."

“This has really hit our cruise ship family hard. 

I worked with him on my first contract as he was in our cast as the male lead singer. He went on to become a great Cruise Director as well.

Sending love and prayers to his immediate family as they deal with his life. 

A life gone way too soon from this earth, may you rest in peace,” said a friend and a colleague.