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Ita and Costa Cruises sign letter of intent for fly & cruise packages

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ITA and Costa Cruises have signed a letter of intent that aims to define joint commercial initiatives for the promotion of the new products and services. The bilateral partnership between Ita which succeeds Alitalia and Costa Cruises “predicts that Ita be identified by Costa as the “preferred air carrier for cruise travel to medium and long destinations,” guaranteeing fly & cruise services.

The main idea is for the passengers to start the vacation from the very beginning, making sure they get full attention and more options and to ensure them an Italian experience with the only company that flies the Italian flag for over 70 years.

In detail, the partnership between the two companies provides for ITA to be identified by Costa Cruises as the preferred air carrier for fly & cruise packages on the routes served by the company.

Emiliana Limosani, Chief Commercial Officer of ITA, said: “We are proud to have entered into a partnership with a leader in the cruise sector such as Costa Cruises. Costa's wide and rich package of holiday offers will ensure decisive support for the marketing of our products and services but, above all, this agreement will allow us to guarantee the country a quality connectivity both with abroad and towards the cruise destinations preferred by tourists ".

Mario Alovisi, Vice President Revenue Costa Cruises Management, Itinerary & Transportation: "The recovery of tourism is a fundamental objective for the economy of our country to which, as Costa, we are contributing through the resumption of our cruise operations and, from today, also thanks to the collaboration with Ita. The partnership with the new company will allow us to offer even more options to our guests and to ensure them an Italian experience that, as the only company to fly the Italian flag for over 70 years, we help to spread throughout the world".