Costa Diadema Replaces Costa Smeralda For 2021-2022 Brazil Season

Nov 16, 2021

Costa Cruises announced it will change the ships sailing for the upcoming Brazilian Season. The company said that Costa Smeralda will be replaced with Costa Diadema. The LNG-powered cruise ship Costa Smeralda, which was due to begin seven-night cruises to Santos, Salvador and Ilhéus, will now sail Mediterranean itineraries.

The reason for the swap of ships is due to complex challenges imposed by the pandemic which caused a delay of operations necessary to guarantee a reliable supply of liquefied natural gas. 

“In spite of everyone’s efforts and the cooperation of the authorities, the short amount of time hasn’t allowed the conclusion of the complex operations needed to ensure the LNG bunkering,” Costa Cruises explained.

Costa Diadema will arrive in Brazil on December 20, 2021 and will take over the originally planned itinerary and dates of Costa Smeralda - with seven-night cruises, departing from Santos or Salvador. 

In addition to the Costa Diadema, a second ship in Costa's fleet, the Costa Fascinosa, will be operating cruises in the region as planned, opening the Brazilian season from November 29, 2021.

Costa Cruises said that Costa Toscana is confirmed for the 2022/2023 season in South America and Costa Favolosa and Costa Fortuna. On the other hand, we will also have the presence of the Costa Deliziosa and Costa Luminosa in the South American region on special itineraries, such as Around the World and the Grand Cruise.