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Costa Diadema Crew Member Tests Positive for Covid-19 During Screening Phase

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A crew member who boarded the cruise ship Costa Diadema a few days ago tested positive for Covid-19, reports Italian news agency ANSA. The crew member of Indian nationality had no symptoms at the time of testing and was still in quarantine before entering actual service. The man disembarked the ship in the port of Genoa and was taken into care by the health authorities and transferred to a Covid facility. As a preventive measure, five other people who had been in contact with the crew member disembarked the ship.

Costa Cruises introduced a comprehensive set of measures and procedures in the “COSTA SAFETY PROTOCOL” including the safety procedures of the shipboard personnel as they return to work on board.

The company implemented pre-screen measures for each crew member in their country of origin, including two different swab tests for evaluation of suspected COVID-19 cases. Prior to embarking the crew members are tested for the third time; those confirmed negative are allowed on board and are placed in a 14-day quarantine. During this period their health is monitored with daily temperature checks. Before crew members enter service they are tested once again. “COSTA SAFETY PROTOCOL” also includes mandatory swab tests for all crew members every month.

Costa Diadema is the second ship operated by Costa Cruises to resume service after Italy's pandemic lockdown. The vessel set sail from Genoa on September 19, calling at Italian ports with only guests resident in Italy. Costa Diadema first Western Mediterranean voyage included stops in Civitavecchia/ Rome, Naples, Palermo, Cagliari and La Spezia.