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AURAvoir and Thank You - Aida Cruises says Farewell to AIDAaura

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After two decades in the AIDA fleet and over 800 voyages through the most beautiful regions of the world, Aida Cruises bid final farewell to AIDAaura. With a mixture of nostalgia and gratitude, the entire fleet pays tribute to their ship, which has explored more of our planet than any of their other ships combined.

Throughout its remarkable career, affectionately referred to as "the little one," the AIDAaura warmly welcomed around a million guests and crew on board. Each of them caring their own memories of the ship, whether it's a breathtaking Mediterranean sunset, thrilling whale-watching in the Pacific, or dancing under the starlit skies of the Atlantic.

However, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. With a wistful "AURAvoir" and heartfelt waves of thanks, the crew and everyone who had the privilege of stepping aboard this magnificent ship say their goodbyes.

Crew Bids Farewell to AIDAaura

Boris Henn, Entertainment Manager at AIDA Cruises, shared his final farewell to AIDAaura on social media, capturing the sentiments of the crew and passengers alike:

"It's the last call. Time to say goodbye… AIDAaura arrived in Bremerhaven this morning for the very last time. I'm going to miss you, old lady. So many incredible memories. Great people. Amazing times. Thank you! Wishing smooth sailing for your future crew and guests under a new name and a new flag."

Rudi Mabuse, reflecting on the ship's legacy, added:

"The final curtain has fallen. The last voyage of AIDAaura is now a part of history, and the last guests have disembarked. It has been an incredible nine and a half years here, truly the best place to work. I love this ship and the crew. I'm grateful to have sailed with the 'old lady' for another year and a half. A heartfelt thanks to all the incredible people in entertainment who made the journey from the beginning to this farewell unforgettable."

Mon Mitra summed up the experience beautifully on social media:

  • A - Amazing Ship
  • U - Unforgettable experience
  • R - Remembering Memories
  • A - And treasured moments

AIDAaura leaves behind a trail of cherished memories and an indelible mark on the hearts of those who have had the privilege of sharing her adventures.