Video: Lightning Strikes Cruise Ship

Aug 01, 2017

In a rare sight, lightning struck a cruise ship while it was docked in Genova, Italy. That’s according to the person who recorded this rare video. The passenger on board MSC Precioza Bruno Cruz, recorded the video below from his balcony while the ship was berthed opposite from the Croisières de France cruise liner. It appears that the funnel of the ship was struck by a lightning after which huge cloud of smoke came out. The video was uploaded in 2015, however just days ago sparked debate on the notoriously cynical forum Reddit if it’s real or not. 

"Looks fake, probably just someone editing in the lightning and the only thing here is that the engines of the ship are turned on. Also, the audio really seems like it's edited on top. And the really weird screen distortion when the lightning hits are just wrong," one member of the forum says.

What do you think, is it real or fake?