New Guinness World Record on Cruise Ship

May 11, 2016

Campari Aperol brand is officially a Guinness world record holder after making the largest ever glass of Spritz onboard Costa Cruises ship, Costa Favolosa. The giant glass tall 1.5 meters and wide and 1.35 meters , positioned on the frame on the open deck of the cruise ship was filled with 1,000 liters of Aperol Spritz created strictly in line with the traditional recipe using 500 liters prosecco, 333 liters Aperol, 167 liters of soda water and 15 giant ice cubes. The previous record was set in Italy in 2010 with 537 liters in volume. The new record was set while Costa Favolosa was sailing from Barcelona to Marseille, and It took about two hours to make the giant aperitif. All 3000 passengers celebrated the Guinness record with a glass of  Spritz.